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My Equity Blueprint Software

Access to the most powerful Real Estate Conversion System on the planet; THE SaaS Cloud Based Software.  Login from your computer, your tablet or even your phone!

It is 100% cloud based so as long as you have an internet connection, you can access the software..  EVEN at a client's home!

Buyers Presentation and Training

The detailed Buyers Presentation and training on how to use it.  This is the same Presentation Bob has used to create more than 12M of GCI.

Now, you can download it, make it your own and use it to grow your conversions!

Landing Page Presentation

Access to Bob's Landing Page Presentation.

FSBO & Expired Listing Letters

Need letters for prospecting for FSBO and Expired Listing clients?  Look no further, really!

Download our complete library of FSBO and Expired Listing Letters and put them to work in your business.

We all know FSBOs and Expired Listings are hit hard by every agent and their dog, separate yourself from the pack and COMPEL them to want to work with you.

The Cash Flow Repositioning Checklist

The checklist you can print out and use with all your clients and prospects that will show them how to reposition their cash flow so they can become debt free.

In the training library you will also find a detailed video on exactly how to utilize this powerful tool with your clients.

Group Presentation and Materials

Add LIVE Seminars to your toolbox and leverage the power of MyEquityBlueprint to get higher conversions than ever before!

You'll have access to the entire seminar presentation package so you will be ready to schedule your next seminar right away!

E-Mails and Promotional Materials for Seminars

Not only do you get the actual seminar presentation materials, but we're also including our promotional emails, flyers and more.

Once you have scheduled your Seminar, start promoting it to your growing database right away.. and don't forget to promote it on social media as well!

Our Complete Video Training Library

In our member's area, you'll have complete access to our video training library where you will be able to see exactly what we do and exactly how we do it.

The MEB B2B Referral Strategy

Learn how to utilize to grow your network of businesses who will feel compelled to refer their customers to you.

Everybody wins.. you get a new referral, and your referral partner has an ecstatic customer who you just showed how to reposition their cash flow to become debt free.

Past Client Annual Reviews Training

Your past clients will appreciate your expertise too!  Use our Past Client Annual Reviews Training to reconnect with old customers, turn them into new prospects and even get referrals.

The Training and Resource Members Site

Access to our complete online training and resource center where you will be able to download materials, access trainings and more.

Your access is granted instantly once you become a member.
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